About Us:

FMP developed through the passion of three guys for the true French Alpine lifestyle.

Seeing an opportunity for a different approach to owning ski apartments and chalets beyond the confines of the big resorts, they formed FMP in 1998. The Alps are beautiful and the true French rural lifestyle is irresistible.

Chris Harrop, the FMP director in charge of building development, has lived in the area for 26 years. It is home to him, he knows the area and its people intimately. The other FMP directors also own ski chalets in the Tarentaise Valley and try to spend as much time there with their families, enjoying the fantastic seasonal contrasts of the French Alps.

We have a vested interest in the development of each ski apartment and chalet as a positive contribution to the area and its community.

In the process of developing many ski apartments and chalets, we have undertaken local community projects and initiated the regeneration of local infrastructure, utilities and amenities, breathing life into traditional farming communities that were often neglected.

A recent project was the restoration of the tiny Chapel in the hamlet of le Planay Dessus (see pictures in the gallery to the right and alternating images at top of page). It was frequented by just a handful of locals, but with le Planay Dessus perched way up the mountain, getting to another church or chapel wasn't so easy for the older folks, so it was a big deal for them to have it restored.

Regions and communes (parishes) in the French Alps have their own emblems, motifs and signature designs, which are often incorporated into building design, a tradition that we continue (see some examples in the gallery above).

We employ local craftsmen and builders wherever possible and approach each development with the same high level of consideration for the local community and surroundings. The aim is to add to the community not diminish it, and we take delight in seeing a traditional Savoyard farmhouse ski property conversion sitting alongside a working example of a 3-storey Savoyard farmhouse, with its livestock on the ground floor, living quarters above and hayloft in the roof space.

We have a love for local building traditions and always endeavour to use original and local materials.

We are looking to develop apartments close to our office site in Landry (see picture/virtual tour below) to provide affordable housing for locals.