Property for Sale: la Côte d´Aime
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These chalets are ready for occupation and Chalets Verdier and Tarin are sold. The chalets are named after local birds.

Please contact us if you would like us to send you further information and high-resolution plans of any of these properties. Individual property details and site plans:

Chalet Bouvreuil (Bullfinch)
127.80m2 Shon and 224.35m2 Shob.

Chalet Verdier (Greenfinch) - Sold
127.30m2 Shon (minus cave, garage, balcony and stairs space) and 221.90m2 Shob (including cave, garage, balcony and stairs space).

Chalet Tarin (Siskin) - Sold
127.90m2 Shon and 219.55m2 Shob.

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All site plans are representative; dimensions given and areas shown may differ as FMP develops ski properties, making minor modifications.

Between Bourg Saint Maurice and Moutiers, la Côte d'Aime is a tranquil, traditional village at an altitude of approximately 1000m, on the doorstep of the National Park of Beaufortin. On the South-facing side of the valley, it benefits from a unique microclimate known as the Versant de Soleil, which makes it almost Mediterranean in the summer. La Côte d'Aime enjoys fabulous views towards the Peisey valley, Les Arcs and La Plagne.

La Côte d'Aime offers easy access to the varied and extensive skiing areas of la Plagne, Les Arcs, Val d'Isère, Tignes, La Rosiere, Sainte Foy and the start of the Three Valleys. Nearest ski stations are Montalbert and Montchavin (part of La Plagne ski area) on the opposite, North-facing valley - 10 and 15 minutes drive respectively.

In summer the wild, untouched mountains of the National Park of Beaufortin provide plenty of opportunity for mountain biking and hiking as well as mountain climbing, abseiling and parapenting. White-water rafting and kayaking are available in nearby Bourg Saint Maurice. Nearest golf course is in Les Arcs - a 30-minute drive.