Made to Measure Ski Property

Clients visit our portfolio of properties and fall in love with the FMP style. Increasingly, we are finding that having bought into the FMP ethos they want to create a home to suit all their individual requirements.

We are pleased to accommodate clients interested in a proactive input from the inception of a project. We can acquire a plot in your ideal location and produce a home with your individual touch and the distinctive style and quality of FMP.

We are well versed in the process of sourcing land or a property to renovate, visualising and producing plans, and attaining the requisite permissions for building.

From the moment you decide on a Made to Measure FMP property you are setting out on a fun, fascinating journey.

The initial stages can take some time in France, but we have an exceptional team of builders and craftsmen and once building starts our guys have an awesome reputation for delivering.

The satisfaction of knowing how your perfect home was created, how each stone and timber was laid, creates an enduring sense of ownership.

A recent example

We have clients who started their journey with FMP as guests of the owner of Chalet Merlo.

They were immediately impressed with the quality and homely, rustic feel of Chalet Merlo, in harmony with all its modern, high-tech refinements and comfort.

A top-class ski chalet in a quiet village location is typical of FMP developments, giving easy access to skiing and providing a different perspective on French Alpine life, a revelation in the summer.

The highlight of the clients' visit was a trip with Chris Harrop, the creative engine of FMP, who also moonlights as one of the Valley’s most respected ski guides.

Chris leans towards the hair-raising, edge of existence type of ski adventure, and there are more than a few seasoned skiers who have been “Harroped”. It is not unknown to end the day staring blankly into the firelight, clutching a vin chaud and gibbering slightly.

Chris took the husband half of the potential client couple and the owner of Chalet Merlo out on the ski experience of a lifetime with Rob, another director of FMP. The trip ended up with the two less-experienced skiers faced with the prospect of skiing down a black run in the dark while Chris went off with Rob to dig someone (not in his party) out of an avalanche. Fortunately, the stray skier survived and the other two were able to latch on to the back of a torch-lit parade down the mountain.

Experiences like this are only possible when you are immersed in rural mountain life, and our clients were sold from that moment on.

They then chose their ideal village and the specifications for their property. We were able to locate an old property to redevelop, draw up plans with a fabulous indoor pool and sauna based on the clients’ vision, and get all the necessary approval.

The keys were handed to the client in January 2013.

Geothermal Heating System

We are now installing geothermal heating for the client in Chalet Pèlerin. This involves laying pipes uderground in an area of 1000m2. The pipes are arranged in two layers and we also had to dig four bore holes, each of which are 100 metres deep.

The heat pump system works on the same principle as a refrigerator, the highly efficient system removing existing heat energy stored in the earth and transferring it into the chalet. The system is so efficient that it will heat the whole chalet, provide hot water (including hot water for the washing machine), heat the indoor pool, heat the sauna and heat the hot tub. It is likely to save a massive 80% on annual energy bills.

Please see photos below showing Chalet Pèlerin development from start to finish:

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  • Chalet Pèlerin illustration
  • Chalet Pèlerin south-facing elevation
  • Demolition of old chalet
  • Demolition of old chalet
  • Chalet Pèlerin ferroconcrete construction
  • Chalet Pèlerin geothermal heating construction
  • Lauzes going on Chalet Pèlerin roof
  • Chalet Pèlerin roof lauzes
  • Swimming pool - Chalet Pèlerin
  • Jacuzzi - Chalet Pèlerin
  • Chalet Pèlerin - finished development
  • Chalet Pèlerin fireplace
  • Chalet Pèlerin bedroom
  • Chalet Pèlerin balcony


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